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How To Open Verified Cash App Account in Nigeria 2020

Have You Ever Attempted to Open Verified Cash App Account in Nigeria but couldn’t succeed? Let me quickly give you some helpful tips on how to open verified and Bitcoin enabled cashapp account in Nigeria. (071,073, 041 Routing numbers precisely) account number enabled.

Without doubt, alot of you reading this page has in one way or the other lost so many customers/clients as a result of not been able to receive cashApp Payments. But be glad you stumbled on this page.

Things You Need To Create Verified Cashapp Account in Nigeria

To make Cashapp Account in Nigeria, you Need Certain details such as listed below. All docs/Identify must be USA or UK based depending on the type of account you want to make.

We mostly deal on USA cash app so let’s focus on US Details.

  • You Need VPN – (Paid or Free)
  • You Need Valid Docs (SSN/Photo ID)
  • You Need USA Email Address
  • You Need USA phone Number.
  • You Need US Debit Card

Am sure you might be wondering why you need US email address? Let me quickly explain to you.

If You open Your usual Nigeria email and try to download Cashapp, below is what you will see on Google playstore.

But once you login US Google playstore, with the international Gmail account, below is how it will display.

Getting Details to create cash app account from Nigeria

Getting some of the above listed details can be very tough if you have no clue since you are a typical Nigerian. But wait let me give you some suggestions on how we get details in making accounts for ourselves and clients who buy verified Cash App account from us.

Any Active VPN can work fine but we recommend ProtonVPN because it’s fast and Free.

There are many ways to get USA mobile numbers online but you can get cheap and affordable one using VYKE App

Use Your USA phone number in opening US email address. With this, you can you can download the cash app easily.

Other Details such as SSN/ID and Debit Cards can be purchased here but not cheap. They will cost you $70 (Same Thing with Buying Verified Cash App account with Documents.

You can contact us Now To purchase verified Cash App Account or Just the Documents for verification.

Alternative to the above, You can get all details if you have a loyal client abroad who can give you their details. With this, you can create and verify account using your clients details. This might not be easy for everyone.

How To Open Verified Cash App Account in Nigeria

The first Step is to enter Your USA phone number (it can be real or virtual number) in any of them is acceptable.

A verification code will be sent to your Phone number. Enter the code to confirm you have access the mobile number you used for registering the account.

The next Stage will Ask you to enter Your Card  details. You can just pass that stage by clicking on the Skip button

Enter Your Zip code. Based on the location you wanna use in making the account

Enter Your CashTag through which You can collect payments from clients. Note that this can be edited anytime you wish.

Now Your Account is read but not fully verified.

Having gone through the first stage, You can start receiving payments but you can’t send out or withdraw the funds to bitcoin. The next step is to confirm your account and enable it for bitcoin withdrawal. If You newly created the account with no payment history, below is a guide to verify identity on cashapp

How to verify identity on Cash App

To do this on newly created accounts
, simply click on the Bitcoin icon from your home screen.

Pretend like you wanna Buy bitcoin buy clicking on the buy button

Enter the amount and hit the continue button

For unverified account, You will be redirected to another page where you will be prompted. To enter your SSN details for verification. Once verification is done, you will You account can now trade bitcoin.

Below is the email You will get once it’s verified and bitcoin enabled.

If you’ve submitted the required details to them and they did not verify your identity then you may need to make the details more accurate. They won’t reject your details of they are correct and recognized.

If You need Any Help or find some aspects difficult, You can reach out to us using the contact page. You are free to drop your comments below. 👇

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Thanks boss for your guide on how to create Cash app account from Nigeria. I’ve successfully made an account but need a video guide on how to verify my identity. The above writeup was not well understood

Sorry you didn’t understand sir #Nehimia. I think you should message me on whatsapp for personal explanation

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